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What's CNC machining?

Personal computer Numerical Management (CNC) machining is really a manufacturing system where computer system inputs are used to regulate machining instruments these types of as drills and lathes. It can be made use of throughout lots of industries for your selection of prototype and end-use sections.

The procedure commences that has a electronic 3D style and design, designed working with CAD computer software, which a pc can translate right into a number of guidance to your machine’s chopping applications. These guidelines are known as G-code. At the time the G-code is distributed to your equipment, very minor handbook supervision is needed, considering that the equipment is aware of when and exactly where to chop and performs the machining autonomously. This final results in significant time and cost financial savings compared to regular machining, through which a talented machinist cuts the workpiece applying operated by hand reducing equipment.

Machining is usually a subtractive process, meaning the devices gets rid of existing product as opposed to introducing new substance. Compared with additive manufacturing, during which a 3D printer deposits product in levels to variety an item, cnc machining china requires chopping sections faraway from a formless block called the “workpiece.” Excess material is discarded or recycled, ultimately forsaking a done portion. More complex CNC machines, individuals which has a bigger quantity of axes, are capable of cutting the workpiece in additional complicated approaches, producing sections with far more intricate geometries.

CNC machining is usually a greatly employed producing approach due to its flexibility, precision, regularity and wide selection of compatible materials: although aluminum alloys would be the most commonly encountered substance for machining, many other metals and plastics will also be utilized.

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What on earth is CNC machining?

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Why is prototyping important?

What's prototyping? Why should really we prototype? How can it enable?

The journey of building a solution will involve different ways to succeed in the level where it may be pushed to generation for the mass audience. Each individual solution provides a specified target market and solves their pain details not directly. To evaluate, whether the merchandise definitely solves its users’ issues, an practically operating design called a prototype is developed and examined using the prospective end users and stakeholders. So, for being familiar with the exact needs and expectations of your target market you first need to have to make a mock up, get it permitted from stakeholders, acquire comments, check with your collaborators, make variations after which you can iterate the method till you've apparent visualisation of what you want to build given that the final product. It really is much easier to gather feed-back and make variations for your product at an early phase than when the merchandise is in close proximity to all set. Consequently, it will save work, price and can help you steer the product or service during the proper way.

‘Fail faster, Do well sooner’ -David Kelley

Just what is actually a prototype?

examples of a prototype design manufacturing companies can be found at Hemtom.

A prototype is definitely an early sample or mock up from the item we wish to develop. A prototype is often a fast model conveying the particular designs for the closing merchandise. It may be anything as simple as hand-drawn sketches, integrated with each other(lo-fi prototype) to demonstrate the product into a totally purposeful product or service(hi-fi prototype), which the stakeholders and people can truly feel and use. Inside of a nutshell prototype is undoubtedly an early iteration of the solution, demonstrating its core performance.

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Why is prototyping essential?

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Which are the benefits of Hong Kong Polytechnic College education?

Graduate results

Innovation, creativeness and entrepreneurial spirit are component of the PolyU DNA. Its specifically created classes consist of internships and repair finding out. Each and every day, learners get the skills and activities they need to reply, adapt and identify programs for his or her understanding inside the real earth.

PolyU has sturdy partnerships with industries and universities the two internationally and in Hong Kong. These collaborations present precious chances for educational and cultural exchange, internships and position placements.

Graduates leave PolyU with techniques and know-how expected inside their preferred fields. This translates to high employment charges - close to ninety eight per cent of PolyU graduates are used within just 6 months or significantly less or pursue further more research according to its graduate work survey of 2019. Employers really value the skillset that PolyU students have.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Taught postgraduate education programmes focus more on coursework.

Non-local graduates have the ability to stay in Hong Kong just after graduation for up to twelve months to look for a position and check out their profession solutions. With countless distinctive industries and sectors, numerous learners obtain themselves drawn to the prospect of working during the metropolis - as well as organising their own personal enterprise. Fast getting to be a hub of entrepreneurial exercise, Hong Kong has the infrastructure in place to offer the assist and funding options start-ups will need to kick-start their ventures.

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Do you know the benefits of Hong Kong Polytechnic University education and learning?

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在使用剃刀進行脫毛前,要徹底清潔皮膚,無論是男性還是女性,注意剃須的第一步總是幹淨的。 並塗上乳液起到保護作用。 使用脫毛刀脫毛時不要塗抹潤滑劑,容易讓腿部皮膚劃傷。




bare self love club提提你,請自行查閱面部療程及前後激光脫毛注意事項,保障自已。bare 重視每位接受療程的客人,亦有專業治療師評估及分析客人皮膚及毛髮健康狀況,讓您簡單「毛」憂愛自己。







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因為淡水珍珠與海水珍珠的養殖技術是不同的,結構也有所不同。淡水珍珠是無核的,所有的成分分析都由珍珠質組成,因此我們若以淡水珍珠制成珍珠粉,不存在任何其它社會物質文化混雜。而海水珍珠是有核的,其核一般由豬蹄蚌的貝殼磨成,珍珠質僅覆蓋於表面,厚0.1~0.3毫米,生長期1年左右(淡水珠達4~5年),因此海水珍珠外圍的珍珠質較薄,若以海水珠全部磨粉,則其中只有少量的珍 珠質,大部分是貝殼粉,所以藥用或美容效果不好,但如果海水珍珠要加工成100%的珍珠粉,必須先去掉內核,成本很高,也不易加工。

這條經典的十六英吋mikimoto 珍珠項鏈由三十九顆MIKIMOTO養殖的AKOYA珍珠串成



珍珠粉,是由珍珠的有效成分經過科學方法加工而成,而其中海水珍珠是在礦物質及各類營養物質非常天然,豐富的大海裏孕育出來的,海水珍珠在冰涼的大海裏裏讓海水珍珠更加清涼,滋潤,消炎等功效;  淡水珍珠是在湖,或者人工池塘等淺水中生成的。近年來,淡水珍珠粉受到了嚴重的汙染,其效果已經不亞於海水珍珠粉。近年來,淡水珍珠粉和海水珍珠粉受到嚴重汙染。


海水珍珠的產量極低,一般平均三只貝才可產一粒海水珍珠;淡水珍珠的產量倒是比較高,據現在全國甚至全世界最大的淡水珍珠養殖基地——湖南嶽陽的介紹,平均每一貝可產淡水珍珠6--8粒,所以可以想象,海水珍珠的價格比淡水珍珠的價格相對高得多;最關鍵的一點,由於中國近十多年的發展,環境汙染越來嚴重,加上淡水養殖主要靠飼料飼養,產量高但其產品無機物質含量較高,而具有美容保健作用的有機物質含量很低。海水珍珠的的形狀比較正圓,光澤也好,而淡水珍珠的形狀多呈橢圓形,米粒形等。 海水珍珠的光澤更加晶瑩剔透,熠熠生輝,淡水珍珠相對缺乏這種柔和的光澤!




怎么保養珍珠飾品 珍珠配飾清潔保養方法

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big big shop網上超市有過百款商品,從新鮮食材、保健食品,到個人護理產品及數碼家電,都為你挑選最好,讓你安坐家中上網選購,更可盡享各項優惠及送貨服務!








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針對性擊退細紋及皺紋,同時兼備美白、保濕 cream功效,為了我的全面抗衰老修複,絕對是高濃度抗皺保濕 cream瓶緊緻精華推薦!


如果你想在夏天保持皮膚濕潤,就從日常的護膚開始吧。好用的保濕精華推介- TONYMOLY BIO EX活膚美白系列-






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各大益生菌品牌產品在big big shop上架喇!網上訂購各款益生菌,改善腸道環境,讓排便更暢順更有規律,更有兒童及孕婦益生菌以供選擇,守護一家人消化系統健康!








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研磨咖啡最理想的時間,是在要烹煮之前才研磨。 因為磨碎的咖啡容易氧化而失去香味,特別是在沒有適當的儲存的情況下,咖啡粉也很容易變味,自然不能煮醇厚的咖啡。此前磨床發明人用石頭和灰泥杵研磨咖啡豆的。除此之外,你還可以使用錘子、擀面杖、舊式手絞肉機、攪拌機等來磨咖啡豆。下面就來看看咖啡豆它的相關知識。

阿拉比卡咖啡豆濃郁芳醇,深受咖啡愛好者歡迎。香港網店提供優質咖啡豆購買體驗,為您精選世界頂級咖啡豆,讓您隨時享受Perfect Cup。

咖啡豆的研磨處理原則:應選擇適合沖煮方法的研磨度。研磨時所產生的溫度要低。研磨後的粉粒要均勻。沖煮之前才研磨。咖啡豆的研磨方法根據其大小可以分為粗研磨、中研磨與細研磨三種。 根據咖啡設備使用適當的研磨方法。有比細研磨或精磨細磨(以粉末狀咖啡粉)更細。 而咖啡豆的研磨時間是在沖泡咖啡之前,只需要研磨量和頂部。咖啡豆磨成粉狀後其表面積可以增加而吸收以及濕氣,容易發生氧化。總之隨著時間推移,咖啡粉也起著風味損害的惡化的作用。以及磨碎的咖啡豆放置咖啡豆後,內部保留的二氧化碳和香氣會一起丟失。當過濾器被這樣拉出時,咖啡粉應該膨脹而不是膨脹,而且在任何情況下咖啡都不能被沖泡。而秘訣是考慮進行研磨與作業要一貫,如此可以沖泡時間起來的咖啡是最美味更加香醇。

咖啡豆研磨方法:用研缽和研杵。最好的辦法是開始進行一次我們只有幾顆豆子,否則豆子他們可能會飛出研缽。等到熟能生巧,再加入適量的咖啡豆粉。 把咖啡豆慢慢磨成粉末,這需要耐心。用錘子錘。這種方法是最簡單的。在羊皮紙或塑料袋包好品質的咖啡豆,袋子也可以在一條毛巾。這種教學方式以及可能進行粉碎的咖啡豆大小會不一致,需要你很細心的錘。用擀面杖磨。用擀面杖類似於使用錘子。用保鮮袋包著或羊皮紙和薄毛巾中,使用沒有足夠的力量進行壓碎咖啡豆,不停的來回不斷滾動發展直到中國咖啡豆的粉末可以達到你需要的粗細。如果你沒有擀面杖,一個堅固的食品罐或瓶可用於研磨工具。用一台舊的手動研磨機或碎紙機。







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1、使用兒童滴鼻劑,當新生一個嬰兒患感冒鼻塞時,應避免企業使用作為滴鼻劑。 更大的嬰兒不能使用成人滴鼻劑,但應使用兒童專用稀釋液,以避免有毒副作用。藥物滴入法,多采用麻黃堿漓鼻劑,滴人2~3滴,療效顯著。但此藥有副作用,不可長期使用。










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1、看類型,有幾種類型在市場上銷售的鐵杆,我們買鐵,它必須是其類型有清晰的認識,然後是更好的選擇。普通型電熨斗結構進行簡單,價格也便宜,維修發展起來更加方便,缺點是不能實現自動調溫。 沒有經驗的人使用這種類型的鐵,鐵的質量很難保證,輕微的疏忽很可能會燒傷衣服。溫控器可以自動調溫,恒溫蒸汽型不僅有,而且還自動噴淋,方便自由地使用,但價格相對較貴,消費者可以根據自己的實際情況和經濟能力選擇合適的類型。


2、看重量,電熨斗使用時輕便方便,所以很多人買迷你電熨斗來熨衣服。但是我們對於學生專業熨燙店來說,電熨斗的重量同時也是有要求的。鑄鐵底板的熨斗比較重,熱容量也大,適合熨燙厚實的衣物。 底板為鋁合金電熨斗打火機,拾音器輕便,但熱容較小,適合熨燙較輕的衣服。

3、看功率,電熨斗的功率是非常具有重要的,所以我們大家在選購電熨斗的時候一定要注意自己適合的功率大小。普通型的電熨斗因不能自動調節溫度,所以不要選擇大功率的,以300W為宜。調溫型電熨斗具有溫度控制功能,一般以選購500W功率為宜。 功率過小,會導致噴塗量不足,影響熨燙效果。 一般應選擇750W以上。








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做為新一代的抗凝藥物里先安® Lixiana®很好地解決上述的問題,成為國際指引的藥物。


目前藥物治療仍然是治療房顫的重要方法,藥物能恢複並維持竇性心律,控制心室率和預防血栓栓塞並發症。專家進行表示房顫的發病與心包炎,心力衰竭等等這些都會引起疾病的發病而過度額飲酒,精神世界處於一個高度緊張的狀態信息都是我們會有不同導致房顫的發生的。 房顫可伴有心悸,眩暈,氣短或胸部不適..房顫的發生發展容易出現導致企業血液在心房內淤滯使血栓可以形成,會導致腦中風,腦栓塞,等等這些疾病的發生。曾有過高導致血壓病史,冠心病,糖尿病等病史都會是房顫以及患者可以引發我國腦卒中發病。








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aplus好唔好凹凸洞比粗大毛孔更難處理,Air Shine療程是以精準先進的儀器於皮膚凹陷位置注入高壓氧,令凹陷位置脹起形成氣囊,之後在以微細的針筒注入具強效修復效果的DNA精華,讓皮膚進行自我修復更生。

1、清潔,一定要進行及時、徹底實現清潔臉部妝容,這是一個睡前護膚的第一步。臉部保濕,睡前在面部和頸部噴灑礦物墨粉.. 它很滋潤。 如果你的皮膚幹燥,噴幾次。爽膚水以後,就是晚霜。晚霜也可以協作精華素運用,確保皮膚能在夜間完結修正和重生。









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如果孕婦出行選擇坐硬座,最好提前准備一個墊脖子的枕頭。 如果你需要過夜或長途旅行,預訂臥鋪絕對是值得的,最好為你的活動預訂一個下鋪。由於懷孕時容易產生血栓,所以,孕婦要每個小時都起來走走,促進血液循環。如果您打算入睡,雙腿伸直,用你的包或提升你的腳的其他可行的途徑。

一粒 雀巢nestle mom鎖養膠囊含 600 微克葉酸,能補充孕媽媽每日的葉酸建議攝取量。


孕婦必服 雀巢nestle mom鎖養膠囊 一日一粒補充足量DHA.












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雀巢奶粉有效預防寶寶奶粉 便秘症狀

出錯細節1,沖調水溫不當 在成年人眼裏,沖奶粉,目的地就是可以喝,那把水倒進去,攪和攪和不就成了嗎?非也非也,沖嬰兒奶粉,相當有講究,水溫至關重要。有的媽媽甚至認為幼小的寶寶抵抗力差,寶寶使用的奶瓶奶嘴都要經過高溫消毒,奶粉也應該用沸水沖調才對,這是絕不可取的。水溫過高會破壞奶粉中的營養素,如維生素C族、B族,使寶寶營養不足;同時導致蛋白質變性失活,無法被消化吸收,導致積食上火。那既然水溫不能太高,低點行嗎?同時寶媽也要注意,水溫偏低,奶粉不易泡化,直接影響奶粉的溶解,同樣不利於寶寶的消化吸收。

出錯細節2,沖調比例不當 水溫的重要性咱是知道了,接下來就說說沖調比例這個小細節。新聞報道曾經提到過,有個媽咪因為母乳偏少,要給孩子喂奶粉,但她又擔心孩子營養跟不上,每次沖奶粉,都會多加一大勺,把奶泡得濃濃的,沒想到寶寶出生兩個月了,體重卻一直沒增加,咨詢了醫生才知道原來是奶過濃惹的禍。一般來說,奶粉按照標准釀造的比例是最簡單的,但也可以按照自己的寶寶的特殊情況微調。如何才能正確的陰影,依靠父母誰仔細觀察。

出錯細節3、沖調順序不當,奶粉沖調的正確次序是,先將自來水燒開,晾至50-55°,取合適水量,注入奶瓶,將奶粉加入到溫水中。 但是很多新家長都是奶粉先入瓶,再用溫水沖泡,這樣的順序會導致奶粉的洗滌不均勻,結塊,溶解不充分..








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每年一到秋冬季,“打底褲”又會成為一個熱門火爆的話題,那是因為不論你是年輕的校園女生,還是優雅的成熟女性,想要在這個涼颼颼的季節穿得既時尚又保暖,幾條打底褲是少不了的。在過去,許多人穿搭配短靴綁腿使用,現在回過頭來看,雙方確實老套俗氣,我相信很多人都有同樣的感受。那么“不土”的打底褲究竟該怎么穿? 這些內褲的實用技巧是所有穿它們的女人都知道的。




打底褲加連衣裙,打底褲是一種很修身的下身褲裝,和秋冬季很流行的針織連衣裙產品搭配使用起來發展也是一個一對具有很不錯的組合。由於其特殊性針織連衣裙的面料,豐富的線條感,有很好的修身效果。 但重要的是要注意的是,這件衣服和內褲的顏色可能會有所不同,這樣你就可以穿高層次的內外層感。想象進行一下,穿著自己好看的連衣裙加打底褲,再提上發展一個小包包,外出時間逛街的人是不是高挑又時尚呢?

大衣加打底褲,外套和緊身褲秋冬應更加流行的雙百搭單品裝扮。不過就是為了和打底褲進行合理搭配,大衣最好方式選擇自己修身款的中長款大衣,這樣會更加氣質有型。 因為上衣的顏色一般不太顯眼,柔軟,所以在底褲顏色選擇比較多.. 經典的黑色底褲,低調的氣質類型的灰色底褲,顯瘦顯優雅的肉色底褲,基本可以很好的搭配上外套..這樣的組合,年輕女孩穿著時尚的風格,成熟的女人穿著瀟灑飄逸,秋冬季是一個很好的裝備組合。







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have a tendency to think about work

The result is that the person finds neither satisfaction nor happiness when they are at work or at play.

Our inability to be present affects our internal balance, without which we are unable to experience peace of mind and joy.

Being constantly distracted also affects our ability to pay due attention to the people we are with, and prevents you from fully and freely expressing who you are.

Being present – being in the moment – provides you with an immense advantage when it comes to connecting and relating to people, and we will do well not to squander that opportunity.

Forget about How Much Money You’ve Got
The worth and dignity of a person transcends beyond the the amount of money they have in their wallet.

Yet, there are people in the world who appear to measure the worth of a person by the amount of money they have.

If you’ve seen this social experiment, you’d probably agree on who the dirt bags are – and there’s a fair chance they’re not very likeable with the average person either.

The irony of the matter is that to those who judge others based on how much money they have, they too will be judged by others (and themselves even) when they come across a richer person like them.

Truly likable people do not measure the worth of a person based on money – they relate to the common man or woman and see money as a tool to get things done.

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Bullying is still rife in schools. Here's how teachers can tackle it

Many people will know what it feels like to be bullied. Despite a wealth of research and well-meaning interventions at a local level, bullying is still a common problem in UK schools (pdf) – and associated with depression, anxiety and even suicide.

Schools are legally obliged to tackle bullying, but they may not have had the adequate guidance or training to do so, meaning that attempts to address it often focus on the more obvious forms of bullying, such as physical aggression, and overlook the children’s views Dream beauty pro.

I have researched bullying for more than 10 years and implemented interventions in schools since 2014. My most recent intervention included 13 schools over a period of five months, and found that the most effective approaches enable children to play a leading role in resolving bullying.

We can get more students involved in advocating for an anti-bullying culture – here are some ways to get started.

Improve your understanding of bullying
Any school trying to tackle bullying needs to look beyond the “bully” and “victim” labels. Instead, it’s helpful to consider bullying as a spectrum of negative interactions that range from mild to severe, such as name-calling and hitting. Ask the children in your school about their experiences of bullying, why children might bully others, and how they think bullying should be addressed Dream beauty pro.

Bullying often happens because of a desire to be popular and to relieve boredom (pdf). To address this, help students find alternative ways to improve their status – by, for example, including ostracised pupils in activities and encouraging their peers to help.

Offer mentoring to ‘bullies’
Offer mentoring to those students who are persistently in trouble for bullying, to help them understand why they engage in this behaviour and resolve the underlying issues. Talking with students about what happened, the likely consequences of their actions, how they could respond more respectfully next time and role-playing alternative scenarios can all help break the pattern of negative behaviour.

Schools could provide regular sessions to resolve bullying proactively, rather than reacting to specific incidents after the fact. One pupil we worked with said afterwards: “I’ve quit all the fights and naughty things I’ve done.” Meanwhile, one headteacher we worked with told us there were no more reports of bullying at their school after they provided this type of mentoring.

Encourage pupils to help find solutions

Consult with children who engage in bullying and those who have been victimised to learn about their experiences – and seek recommendations of how bullying should be resolved.

Most children in my research experienced cyberbullying through gaming, but were primarily concerned with face-to-face bullying, which they felt was harder to avoid and ignore. In consulting with students, encourage them to talk about how they feel and reflect on how they can react to hurtful interactions more productively, rather than becoming extremely angry or upset. One pupil we worked with told us how these conversations helped to make a difference. “I used to scream and shout,” they said. “But I’ve learned to be calm Dream beauty pro.”

All students in my most recent study were encouraged to write in diaries regularly to provide a positive outlet for their emotions. The impact was stark. Rather than report every incident to teachers, we saw pupils speaking respectfully to those who engage in bullying, and were able to reflect on the bully’s perspective. Some children commented that they learned how to resolve bullying in their school and their lives outside of school.

Bring students together
After we worked individually with children who were in conflict with one another, they were brought together in a meeting. This was particularly revealing in the case of two boys who were perceived as bullying each other. The popular boy was seen as engaging in bullying the most because his friends were aggressive to the boy who was ostracised. However, the other boy often responded violently.

In the meeting, the ostracised boy explained how he was taking medication to improve his behavioural problems. The popular boy asked: “What do you want from me?” to which he replied, “Your friends”. Consequently, the more popular boy included him in social activities such as football and encouraged his friends to speak to him – as a result, the fighting stopped.

Create respectful staff-student relationships
Teachers and students must work together to tackle bullying. Some of the children who participated in our study said they felt sorry for a child who was forced to sit at the front of his class by his teacher – a number of them even offered to sit next to him and support him. Many teachers have said they’ve been surprised by children’s efforts to understand other pupils and stop bullying.

Strategies of how to resolve bullying between pupils and educators are being written into anti-bullying policies, although more research is needed to investigate bullying between pupils and teachers so that interventions can effectively identify and resolve the problem,Reckoned as one of the top design universities with diversity of programmes, polyu fashion and textile, as well as applied science programme, which is committed to be a hub for innovative design education in Hong Kong.

Teachers should consistently speak to children respectfully, listen to children, respond to their views and take time to understand their perspectives. Pupils are then more likely to then do the same with their peers.

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Domestic producer launches wines in Beijing

Helan Mountain is a rising star among the wine-producing regions of China, due to its favorable climate. And Jade Vineyard, one of the winemakers in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, launched its products on Nov 28 at Park Hyatt Beijing Hotel warrants.

Ding Jian, the executive director of Jade Vineyard, said what she endeavors to do is to produce a wine that represents the "taste of China", and that's why she moved from being an imported wine supplier to being the owner of a Chinese vineyard in 2013.

"Wine is the juice of land. I have sipped the juice of Saint Emillion (France), Tuscany (Italy) and Adelaide (Australia), and I wondered, what the taste of China was like," said Ding.

With its "one mountain, one terroir, one taste" motto, the vineyard aims,GuangDong Hotel provides useful tourism information for our honourable guests. Such as hong kong weather, currency exchange rate, tax, emergency number, electrical system and normal business hours.

And its four wines — Hyacinth Dry Red 2016, Four Seasons Dry Red 2015, Aria Dry Red 2015 and Messenger Dry Red 2015 — have been awarded prizes in different wine competitions like the International Wine and Spirits Competition and Decanter World Wine Awards.

Meanwhile, Hao Linhai, the president of the international association of grape and winemakers in the region, says: "Over 200 vineyards are located in Ningxia, among which Jade Vineyard is the one that I think highly of. I believe that domestically produced wine has great prospects,Check out the most popular Hong Kong Sightseeing spots and attractions in Hong Kong via PartnerNet's travel website and create unforgettable experiences for tourists."

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What’s the modern purpose of the welfare state?


Comforting as it may be to think otherwise, the welfare state was not conceived as a gesture of munificent goodwill to the indigent, or even as a system from which we all benefit, but as a necessary bulwark to a moribund, failing capitalism (The ‘welfare state’ should be something to be proud of, 1 November). It was a preventive measure against revolution and rooted in the politics of the day. Well-educated, well-housed and healthy workers were likely to be not only less radical but also more productive. Supported by policies aimed at maintaining full employment, the social security system was mainly intended to bridge the short gaps between periods of employment, its costs met by a system of national insurance.


There was also a measure of synergy in the system. Educated and secure workers were less likely to be unhealthy. They were even likely to be more thoughtful, knowledgeable consumers, wary of the wiles of the marketplace and its purveyors of snake oil. So those great props of the welfare state – education, housing, health and security, to which should be added the now virtually defunct legal aid – were a bargain that worked pretty well until the arrival of neoliberalism and Thatcherism in the late 1970s. Sadly, politics is more likely to succeed in the defence of the welfare state than is humanitarianism. It is those who support the future survival of capitalism who need to get behind the welfare state.

Roy Boffy

Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands


• How right Nicolas Timmins is when he writes that the welfare state is something to be proud of. I was born in the early 1950s, into a family beset by poverty, ill-health and unemployment. Home was a war-damaged slum, outside toilet, no heating, four to a bed. Left alone, my parents, despite their best efforts, would have been unable to fully care for me. But with the state’s help and support, the state caring for my welfare, I flourished. I was able to complete my schooling, go to university, earn enough to support myself, my parents and my own family, watch my two children thrive and prosper. The welfare state should be cherished and recognised for what it really is: the state – me and you and everyone else – caring for the welfare of others.

Mike Storey

Holme, Cambridgeshire


• From my recent casework it seems as though the five pillars of the welfare state that Nicholas Timmins identifies are beginning to topple like dominoes, bringing down decent citizens. The first pillar to fall in each instance seems to be the NHS; in particular, the difficulties our poorest constituents face when trying to access an NHS specialist. The problems caused by the fall of this pillar lead to others – social security, housing and education – similarly collapsing.


One example is the length of time – anywhere between six months and a year – families must wait for an appointment with a paediatrician. For families with disabled children, this is their only chance of gaining an all-important note which then enables the right level of benefit, a place at a suitable school, and a home which fully accommodates their circumstances. Likewise, people who suffer with mental health difficulties find themselves on long waiting lists to see a mental health specialist. If they are assessed for disability benefits during this waiting period, they are unable to present a specialist’s note. It has been reported by Feeding Birkenhead that the absence of a note is being used against them in the assessment, resulting in a wrongly withdrawn or drastically reduced award.


We are seeing now a direct link between the strain on the NHS and restricted access to social security, schooling and housing – the “five giants” seem to be waking one another from their slumber. Equally alarming is the welfare state’s newfound role as an active creator of destitution, in the form of universal credit, which social security was designed with the aim of abolishing.

Frank Field MP

Labour, Birkenhead


• Both Frances Ryan (Universal credit tears away a lifeline for disabled people) and Daniel Lavelle (‘I just exist between appointments. I have lost hope’) in the Guardian on 1 November highlight the shocking way people with mental health difficulties are being marginalised. This grieves me enormously. I and colleagues in the Open University spent years in the 1990s and beyond campaigning within the world of further and higher education for mental health difficulties to be included under the “disability” umbrella in terms of financial, educational and counselling support offered to students. Attitudes in society in general seemed to be moving in parallel. We appeared to be getting somewhere.


Recent policies, such as universal credit and depletion of funds in the mental health sector of the NHS, reflect a dramatic reversal of all the progress that was made. Removing people’s benefits to the point that they become even more ill, and thus forcing them to confront the disgracefully inadequate support for people with mental health issues within the NHS, is utterly disgraceful. It is time for this government to be ousted once and for all.

Chris Youle

Brockenhurst, Hampshire

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and you can do the same

1. High waisted clothing

Do you know why so many famous women enjoy wearing high waisted skirts, dresses, shorts and jeans? Because they want to trick your eye into thinking they are taller than they actually are. In reality, you can also wear high waisted clothing to create the illusion of long, beautiful legs. When you wear a high waisted skirt, for instance, it’s hard to tell where your legs start, so everyone will believe your legs are incredibly long.


2. Black is your power color

Want to make your legs look longer and slimmer? Black should become your favorite color. When you wear black skinny jeans or pants, your legs automatically look thinner and longer. Black helps to hide imperfections, and when you wear black high waisted jeans, you will look much slender in no time.


3. Wear shorter skirts and shorts

Sure, I’m not suggesting you wear a super short skirts or shorts on a daily basis. What I’m suggesting is to leave your midi and maxi skirts inside your closet and choose a bit shorter skirt for creating the illusion of longer legs. If you are very shy, it may be difficult for you to show a little skin, but why not?


4. Buy a cute pair of pointed shoes

Whether you like to wear heels or flats, wearing pointed shoes is another way to create the illusion of longer legs. Pointed flats helps to make your feet appear longer and your legs lengthier, while pointed heels will double the height. If you are not a big fan of pointed shoes, then simply skip this tip.


5. Make your legs shine

Celebrities don’t have perfect legs, they just know how to make them look that way. Did you ever notice that almost every famous woman has insanely shiny legs? The trick is shiny legs always look longer and slimmer. Use a high quality bronzer or moisturizer to make your legs look shiny in a matter of 2-3 minutes.

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media moguls who tend to dictate

The New York Times Best-Seller list is the primary resource for ideas about what to read next, with Oprah’s Book Club coming in at a close second… and though they’re both decent resources when it comes to finding something new to delve into, their recommendations tend to be based on how many people have read a book, rather than the quality of the story itself.


If you’re an avid reader, but want to shy away from the overly-lauded pieces that everyone else on the planet has inhaled, consider some of the titles listed below. They’re some of the best books of 2012, and though they haven’t received quite as much media attention as those on the NYT list, they are most certainly worth looking into. No pun intended, I swear.




The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: A Novel, by Rachel Joyce


Every so often, we come across an antihero who is so awkwardly endearing that we just want to scoop him out of the book and invite him in for tea. Harold Fry is such a character, and this tale about his impromptu journey across England is both surreal enough to be believable, and genuine enough that the reader can relate to it. Fry is amazingly human, and his adventure takes us on a life-changing journey through the labyrinths of our own hearts.




Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, by Susan Cain


If you or a close friend of yours would be described as an introvert, you might have more than a passing interest in this book. Often made fun of for being “too shy” or “too quiet”, introverts tend to pull away from the spotlight and prefer solitude over hyper-socializing, which is anathema to most modern societal expectations. This book is a fascinating study regarding the power and potential of introverts VS the extroverts that seem to be so idealized by American culture. There are tips on how to negotiate introvert/extrovert relationships, and fabulous, encouraging success stories about famous introverts who have changed the world.


Sci Fi/Fantasy


The Pattern Scars, by Caitlin Sweet


Winner of the Canadian Bookie award for best Science Fiction, Fantasy or Speculative Fiction, this novel follows the story of a young woman named Nola, who was born into abject poverty, but managed to escape it with the help of those who recognized (and later, manipulated) her gift of prophecy. This isn’t a “unicorns and pixie dust” sort of fantasy book: it draws the reader through seedy interactions with brothel workers, psychopaths, and murderers, and intersperses blood magic and murder with devastating betrayals. The novel is dark and luminous at turns, and you never know if the next page will bring unimaginable heartbreak and terror, or dream-inspiring beauty.


Graphic Novel


Freakangels Box Set by Warren Ellis


The Freakangels web comic by the ever-brilliant (and oft-terrifying) Warren Ellis was published as a box set last month, and if you’re a fan of any of his work, this is a must-read. Written by Ellis and illustrated by Paul Duffield, the story revolves around twelve Londoners with startling psychic abilities: they accidentally flooded the world when they used their powers in unison a few years ago, and are now struggling to survive in the ruins of Whitechapel as something ominous creeps ever-closer…




Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round, by Marisa McLellan


The self-sufficiency revolution is gaining in speed around the world, with people re-acquainting themselves with knowledge and abilities that haven’t been cool since their great-grandparents’ time. Interest in homesteading is at an all-time high, and one of the most popular practices these days is canning one’s own food—preserving everything from fruits and vegetables to soups, seasonings, and even desserts. This book guides you through small-batch canning throughout the year for maximum production with minimum stress.


Children’s Lit


The Spindlers, by Lauren Oliver


Anyone who has a younger sibling has likely wished that they were different, somehow: maybe less annoying, or more fun to hang out with, or even less inclined to break things and blame it on us. If we were to wake up one morning to discover that a Spindler (read: huge, evil spider with hands) has stolen our little brother’s soul for the Queen of the underworld, would we fight to get it back so he’d be normal and whole again? Even if that meant he was going to be his usual, annoying self?


(This book is geared towards ages 8 and up, but it’s also great for younger people with high reading abilities)


These are just a few of the many gorgeous books that were published in 2012. If your preferred genre wasn’t represented here, or if you’re looking for even more books to explore in the New Year, head on over to Goodreads for recommendations tailored just for you.

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