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Women's breasts are larger than ever

Women's breasts are larger than ever - and it's not due to implants. As stars like Christina Hendricks flaunt their curves, Erika Woods investigates a phenomenon of va-va-voom proportions.


Many women may have long suspected it, just as many men have secretly hoped for it. But it's official: women's breasts, and particularly those of younger women, are getting bigger. While implants have been putting that little extra va-va-voom into some busts Neo skin lab, mostly it's a phenomenon that has occurred naturally in women, and exponentially so over the past 50 years. In fact, their cup size has tripled.


In 1960, the average bra size in Australia was 10B. Ten years ago, it was 12B. Today, it's 14C. "It's six to seven sizes up in a comparatively few number of years," says Sally Berkeley, the general manager of bra company Berlei, which next month launches a new super-sized range of cups, up to an H, to add to the traditional A-to-E dimensions. Rival Eveden now has a K cup, while Triumph is up to a G and is trialling a new cup size, J, for the next season.


"Twenty years ago, women couldn't buy this sort of fashion product with support in these sizes," says Triumph spokesperson Alana Jones. "But we've been getting so many requests from consumers, and we've now even got a sports bra coming out in a J cup.


"Our team has undertaken international research and found that British women are also now five centimetres taller and have hips four centimetres larger than they had in the 1950s, while, instead of being size 12, they're edging towards size 16. We'd expect that to be similar to here."


Editor of men's magazine FHM Guy Mosel says it's hard to ignore. "I certainly have noticed that women's bodies are now very different to how they were 10 years ago," he says. "Even women with skinny bodies seem to have over-developed breasts travel trade show, which isn't a shape that used to exist at all."


So how exactly has this change in women's natural bust measurements come about? Experts suggest that everything from the food we're eating to the plastic bottles we're drinking from might be to blame.


But, judging from the bra companies' sales, as well as anecdotes from women themselves, no one is in any doubt that we're in the middle of a breast-size revolution. Fashion store assistant Louise Matthews, for instance, herself a size 10CC, regularly serves women of average weight with large busts. "I think women's shapes are changing," she says. "Obviously, we're seeing a lot more women now who are bigger all over, but we also have women who are slim but have big boobs - like me."


The first theory is perhaps the most obvious. Women today are much better nourished than they were 50 years ago, eating more protein and fresh fruit and vegetables and having more variety in their food. Although we eat slightly less beef and a lot less lamb than we did in the 1960s, according to the CSIRO, we're eating two to four times more pork and chicken per person, consuming a total of 290 grams of meat per person, per day dermes. With such serious building blocks at hand, it's little surprise that we're usually taller than our mothers and have larger hips and bigger breasts.

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