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Which are the benefits of Hong Kong Polytechnic College education?

Graduate results

Innovation, creativeness and entrepreneurial spirit are component of the PolyU DNA. Its specifically created classes consist of internships and repair finding out. Each and every day, learners get the skills and activities they need to reply, adapt and identify programs for his or her understanding inside the real earth.

PolyU has sturdy partnerships with industries and universities the two internationally and in Hong Kong. These collaborations present precious chances for educational and cultural exchange, internships and position placements.

Graduates leave PolyU with techniques and know-how expected inside their preferred fields. This translates to high employment charges - close to ninety eight per cent of PolyU graduates are used within just 6 months or significantly less or pursue further more research according to its graduate work survey of 2019. Employers really value the skillset that PolyU students have.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Taught postgraduate education programmes focus more on coursework.

Non-local graduates have the ability to stay in Hong Kong just after graduation for up to twelve months to look for a position and check out their profession solutions. With countless distinctive industries and sectors, numerous learners obtain themselves drawn to the prospect of working during the metropolis - as well as organising their own personal enterprise. Fast getting to be a hub of entrepreneurial exercise, Hong Kong has the infrastructure in place to offer the assist and funding options start-ups will need to kick-start their ventures.

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Do you know the benefits of Hong Kong Polytechnic University education and learning?

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